The Gonzales Garden Club met Nov. 4 at Janis Poche’s home in Dutchtown.

Hostesses were Poche, Rita Bourque, Loretta Ramirez and Dana Teepell, who served lunch. Members toured Poche’s garden of ornamentals, trees and raised beds of cool season vegetables.

The theme of the meeting was “Holiday Decor from Your Garden.” Members brought homemade holiday decorations and explained their construction from plant materials. Flowers, herbs, fruit, bulbs, cones, leaves, branches, vines, roots, vases, candles, ribbons, charcoal, pebbles, wire, glue, paint and bleach were used.

Pat Mouton presented an informational project board exhibit titled “Fall Leaves: A Gift For Your Garden.” The display emphasized using fallen leaves for mulch, compost and soil amendments, and recommended tools and equipment for leaf collection.

The horticulture hint this month is that leaves left on lawns over the winter can damage grass, so it is best to either mow the leaves or rake and compost them.

Mary Jo Pohlig shared the month’s gardening tip, differentiating four types of garden pansies with details on their growth patterns and recommending blood meal as fertilizer.