Ex-chamber chairmen meet to discuss growth _lowres

Photo provided by Ascension Chamber of Commerce -- Attending an April 8 Ascension Chamber of Commerce Breakfast with Sherrie meeting in Gonzales, first row from left, are Sherrie Despino, Glenda Shaheen, Rae Milano and Kendal Matassa; and second row, Mike Waguespack, Czarina Walker, Lillie Murphy and John Waguespack.

Former Ascension Chamber of Commerce board chairmen came together April 8 for the first Breakfast with Sherrie of 2015 at the chamber office.

Chairman Kendal Matassa and President Sherrie Despino hosted the meeting to discuss chamber board accomplishments and the growth of the chamber, a news release said.

New marketing campaigns to help chamber members maximize their growth potential, as well as new and exciting upcoming programs in 2015 were discussed by the seven chairmen in attendance.

“As our parish continues to grow, we continue our commitment to help chamber members grow their businesses and search for opportunities to increase our level of effectiveness and push into a new realm of performance,” the release said.