LABADIEVILLE — A 2-year-old wearing only diapers was found standing alone Tuesday in the middle of state highway in Assumption Parish after leaving a home without being noticed, sheriff’s deputies said.

After finding the child in the care of adults who spotted the child in the highway, deputies arrested Ivone Pina, 41, 118 Pin Oak St., Labadieville, on a single count of child desertion, Sheriff Leland Falcon said in a statement Wednesday.

The child was supposed to be in Pina’s care but deputies believe the 2-year-old had been gone for no more than 30 minutes from a home where Pina was watching the child.

When deputies spoke to Pina, she told them she believed the child was still in the home, Falcon said.

Deputies did not disclose in the statement the time when nor highway where the child was located in Labadieville, Pina’s relationship to the child, or in whose home Pina was watching the child.

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