Classroom Spotlight: St. John Primary School first grade _lowres

Photo provided by Janis Ament -- Tina Carpenter’s first-grade class at St. John Primary School includes, front row from left, Brody Waguespack, Brylee Morgan, Ava Haydel, Camilla Del Bosque, Chase Schwartz and Avery Rodrigue; second row, Caroline Brignac, Addison Haydel, Evan Gautreau and Layken Ledet; third row, Henry Faget, Juliette Young, Austin Richardson, Claire Cornett, Isabel Boudreau and Carter Englert; and fourth row, Cole Desormeaux, Drew Pizzo, Mackenzie McCoy, Gage Hoover, Camille Toussant, Alex Warthen and Raghnall Sutherland. In back are instructional assistant Jada Peterson, left, and teacher Tina Carpenter.

The Ascension Advocate’s Classroom Spotlight this week is Tina Carpenter’s first-grade class at St. John Primary School in Prairieville. The students were asked:

  • Using science and math to build a robot, what would your robot do for you?
  • ISABEL BOUDREAU: “It would clean up and help me and my mom clean dishes so we could watch TV.”
  • CAROLINE BRIGNAC: “It would help people write notes to each other, and it would paint good art.”
  • CLAIRE CORNETT: “It would go shopping for me to buy watermelons so I could take a nap.”
  • CAMILLA DEL BOSQUE: “It would pick up my toys and play with me.”
  • COLE DESORMEAUX: “It would clean my room and help me play with stuff, like put things together. My robot would help and pray for others.”
  • CARTER ENGLERT: “It would do my homework and let my dog outside to go to the bathroom so I could watch TV.”
  • HENRY FAGET: “It would clean everyone’s room so people could relax. My robot could also build houses.”
  • EVAN GAUTREAU: “It would pick up my toys and clean the dishes.”
  • AVA HAYDEL: “It would clean up my toy room, and I’ll teach him how to put clothes away. Sometimes he could wake me up.”
  • ADDISON HAYDEL: “It would pick up my toys, and I could watch TV.”
  • GAGE HOOVER: “It would help people carry groceries, fix broken things and be nice to everyone.”
  • LAYKEN LEDET: “It would do my homework and my brother’s homework too so we can play, have fun, and the robot could help my mom cook and help my dad sell cars so we could play games.”
  • MACKENZIE MCCOY: “It would clean up every mess I make and draw for me.”
  • BRYLEE MORGAN: “It would make breakfast; my favorite breakfast is pancakes.”
  • DREW PIZZO: “It would build a car that flies to Los Angeles.”
  • AUSTIN RICHARDSON: “It would buy me Legos and do my chores and then create Frankenstein.”
  • AVERY RODRIGUE: “It would pick up my toys so I could play with my sister.”
  • CHASE SCHWARTZ: “It would do stuff for me like homework and fix breakfast and buy games.”
  • RAHNALL SUTHERLAND: “It would pick up my toys so I don’t have to, and then I could play on the computer.”
  • CAMILLE TOUSSANT: “It would do my homework and my chores and give me food so I can walk around.”
  • BRODY WAGUESPACK: “It would have laser eyes, and it would be a small security guard, and I would have the app on my phone to control it.”
  • ALEX WARTHEN: “It would pick up my toys and play with me.”
  • JULIETTE YOUNG: “It would keep me safe by guarding me during a fire drill.”