Lakeside Primary School received Friday a package of tools from the Choose Smart and Get Active program designed to teach students how to live a healthy lifestyle.

The tools were presented by Supriya Jindal and donated by the first lady’s Foundation for Louisiana’s Children and Johnson & Johnson.

During her visit, Jindal read to the students.

“Louisiana is blessed with an abundance of recreational activities including year-round fishing and hunting to various sporting activities,” Jindal said. “We are also blessed with a variety of crops including fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs and spices. While we enjoy the outdoors with family and friends, it is also an opportunity to encourage fitness and healthy choices.

“Indeed studies show that an active lifestyle, combined with understanding their bodies nutritional needs, will aid our students to achieve academic success in the classroom.”

Johnson & Johnson supports nonprofit organizations throughout the world in advancing the health and well-being of those in need, a news release said.

The Choose Smart and Get Active program was created to give teachers the tools they need to aid in the health education of the state’s young students, the release said.