Photo provided by Lester Kenyon -- Don Hysell, right, Ascension Parish government’s environmental manager, loads recyclable items into a contracted recycle collection truck during the parish’s Recycling Road Show at the Prairieville Wal-Mart in March, 2013. Parish volunteers, from left, Ron Doofe and Glen Rumfellow, red/gray jacket, along with collection truck driver Tammy Wilson, green shirt, join Hysell as they unload recyclable materials from parish residents’ vehicles.

The introduction of a recycling option by waste removal contractors has resulted in fewer residents using the parish’s monthly drop-off parking lot program, officials said.

So, last week, Don Hysell, parish environmental manager, said Recycling Road Shows will now take place every other month on the first Saturday at the Prairieville Wal-Mart.

Event times will continue to be 9 a.m. till 1 p.m.

“We’ve noticed that the monthly participation numbers have practically reduced to half or less since recycling options have been offered to parish residents by their waste removal contractors,” Hysell said.

Parish government does not have contracts with companies for curbside trash pickup, and instead residents contract with businesses to pick up their trash.

In 2013, government leaders looked into improving garbage collection and recycling services, but those efforts stopped after the companies doing business in the parish started offering more options to residents, including curbside recycling.

Parish officials worked for months on ways to increase garbage services and decrease costs at the same time. They debated an exclusive contract requiring minimum standards for services to all residents but later dropped the plan.

Hysell said the 2015 Recycling Road Shows will take place on March 7, May 2, July 11, Sept. 5 and Nov. 7.

Ascension Parish President Tommy Martinez said the next Ascension Parish Recycling Road Show will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. March 7 at the Wal-Mart store in Prairieville

A recycling vehicle will be stationed in the store’s parking lot.

The types of material being accepted at the Recycling Road Show in Prairieville include:

Newspapers and magazines, including catalogs, phone books and paperback books; mail, colored paper and envelopes. Photos and carbon paper are not accepted.

Milk and juice cartons, but no wax-coated frozen food packaging or take-out food containers.

Cardboard, including detergent and cereal boxes, 12-pack drink cartons and flattened boxes.

Aluminum, tin or bimetal cans and metal lids, but no aerosol cans or wire hangers.

No. 1 through No. 7 plastic containers, but no bags, hangers, caps, lids, six-pack rings or chemical containers.

For more information, call Hysell at (225) 450-1308, or visit