Ascension Parish community photo gallery for Oct. 1, 2015 _lowres

Photo provided by Janis Ament -- Kim Jones's first-grade class at St. John Primary includes, first row from left, Justin Brooks, Addyson Wheat, Callon Schiele, Evan Bass, Katherine Helfrich, Esther Jimson and Emerson Landaiche; second row, Hadley Tassin, Talen Kolb, Preston Dugas, Ayden Hue, Mazie Hinojosa, Marshall Goss, Adelynne Bradberry, Stella Klibert and Carson Landry; third row, Claire Angelo, Jonathan Heintz, Ella Englade, Brennan Booth, Marie Claire McCarty, and Madeline Gautreau; and fourth row,. Kim Jones and Teresa Landry, instructional assistant.

The Ascension Advocate’s Spotlight Classroom this week is Kim Jones’ 2015-16 first-grade class at St. John Primary School in Prairieville. The students were asked:

  • If you could be anything in the whole wide world, what do you want to be when you grow up?
  • CLAIRE ANGELO: “Police officer, because I could ride in a police car and help people.”
  • EVAN BASS: “Chef, because I like cooking and eating.”
  • BRENNAN BOOTH: “Army guy, because I want to protect people from danger.”
  • ADELYNNE BRADBERRY: “Teacher, because it looks like fun.”
  • JUSTIN BROOKS: “Doctor, because I want to help people.”
  • PRESTON DUGAS: “Someone that drives a big sailboat in the big sea, because I want to be the captain of the boat.”
  • ELLA ENGLADE: “Teacher, because teachers helps kids learn.”
  • MADELINE GAUTREAU: “Teacher, because they teach kids different stuff to do.”
  • MARSHALL GOSS: “Scientist of dinosaurs, because I like dinosaurs.”
  • JONATHAN HEINTZ: “Doggie doctor, because my dad is a doggie doctor.”
  • KATHERINE HELFRICH: “Scientist, because they make stuff.”
  • MAZIE HINOJOSA: “Principal, just like Mrs. Naquin, because I like teachers a lot.”
  • AYDEN HUE: “Football coach, because I want to teach people how to play football.”
  • ESTHER JIMSON: “Dentist, because I want to clean teeth (she said, while missing her two front teeth).”
  • STELLA KLIBERT: “Nurse, because my mom is a nurse.”
  • TALEN KOLB: “Engineer, because I want to build stuff.”
  • EMERSON LANDAICHE: “Cheerleader, because I like to cheer at Cheer Force.”
  • CARSON LANDRY: “Scientist, because I’m smart.”
  • MARIE CLAIRE MCCARTY: “Teacher, because I want to teach math.”
  • CALLON SCHIELE: “Vet, because I want to see animals.”
  • HADLEY TASSIN: “Nurse, because I want to help people.”
  • ADDYSON WHEAT: “Grown-up, because I want to take care of children.”