River Region Art Association held its Awesome Art Fest on the Bayou, featuring food, art, crafts and performances by musicians Oct. 10-11 in Gonzales.

Art exhibition winners are as follows:

PAINTING, AGES 6 TO 11: First place, Selena Dang, “Rainbow Fish”; second place, Natalie Bergeron, “Jellyfish”; third place, Dang, “Fairytail Fish”; and fourth place, Alexander Purdy, “Lava Lights.”

DRAWING, AGES 6 TO 11: first place, Madison Milam, “Roar”; second place, Gabrielle Bergeron, “Giraffe”; third place, Alexandra Purdy, “Fancy Fins”; and fourth place, Gabrielle Bergeron, “Zebra.”

PHOTOGRAPHY, AGES 6 TO 11: First place, Lexington Crosser, “Blue Skies.”

3-D, AGES 6 TO 11: First place, Emma Baumann, “Vintage Birdhouse”; and second place, Baumann, “Crystal Vase.”

PAINTING, AGES 12 TO 17: First place, Morgan Bourgeois, “Butterfly”; second place, Brett Allen, “But First, Coffee”; third place, Kaylyn Gueret, “Rain Walk”; and fourth place, Chelsey Blank, “Fantasy Portrait.”

DRAWING, AGES 12 TO 17: first place, Bourgeois, “Chuck Taylors”; second place, Savannah Loupe, “Ballerina”; third place, Allen, “Creative Wisdom”; and fourth place, Aurora Tate, “Just Look.”

PHOTOGRAPHY, AGES 12 TO 17: first place, Jenna Faucheux, “Untitled”; and second place, Delaney Madere, “Summertime Living is Easy.”

3-D, AGES 12 TO 17: first place, Marlie Poche, “Krabs”; second place, Tate, “Louisiana Culture”; and third place, Jessica Hotard, “Industrial Fish.”

ADULT PAINTING: first place, Maria Boudreaux, “The Big Splash”; second place, Gaynell Moore, “Stormy”; third place, Robby Brock, “Power”; and fourth place, Cole Williams, “Golden Trees.”

ADULT DRAWING: first place, Williams, “Cello”; second place, Lori Porrier Weber, “Mike’s Mangrove Snapper”; third place, Loveday Funck, “Visions of Da Vinci”; and fourth place, Brock, “Island Town.”

ADULT PHOTOGRAPHY: first place, Donna Stelly, “Spanish Romance”; second place, Amy Gautreau; third place, Kitty Kuhnert, “Even the Angels Wept on 9/11”; and fourth place, Stelly, “Fishing under a Golden Sky.”

ADULT 3-D: first place, Mary Demarest, “Dining Out”; second place, Robin Rotolo, “Turquoise”; third place, Sally McConnell, “Blue Lotus Bowl”; and fourth place, Colin Berthelot, “A Lost Love.”