Longtime educator Betty Bourgeois ended her tenure at East Ascension High School the same way most Spartan seniors end their high school careers: with a pond jump.

Just two weeks after hundreds of seniors wore swimsuits and costumes for the annual pond jump, Bourgeois decided to celebrate her last day at the school with her very own personal pond jump.

While there weren’t hundreds of fans cheering her on, she was surrounded by fellow teachers, sad to say goodbye to the educator.

Bourgeois, 85, mother of School Superintendent Patrice Pujol, had several careers throughout her life, include raising nine children.

After teaching at EA for 13 years, Bourgeois, known by the students as “Mrs. B,” decided to don shorts and a T-shirt and carry a swim ring May 23 on her last day and follow the same path most seniors take when their last bell rings.

It’s been a long-standing tradition at the school for seniors to run across the street after taking their last exam for a jump in the pond. This year was no exception, as a majority of the graduating class kept the tradition alive.

Bourgeois, who had watched many of the pond jump festivities, decided that she wanted to carry on the tradition and her colleagues helped.

“She walked swiftly instead of running but she was met by most of her co-workers having created a human arch guiding her way to the pond,” English teacher Amy B. Phillips said.

Afterward, Bourgeois, wrapped in a blue and white towel, posed for photos with her colleagues.