Three East Ascension High School tennis players took part in this week’s state tournament.

Qualifying for the state tournament in Monroe were junior Hayden Decoteau and the doubles team of Cody Turner and Trent Anderson.

The road to the state tournament was an exciting one for new head coach Joey St. Pierre, who said he had an unpredictable season filled with extended periods of cold weather and rainy days, making practices and matches unplayable.

St. Pierre came to the Spartans with a more aggressive, strategical tennis plan and high expectations.

The players picked up the fast-paced intensity from the start and were interested in the new style of play, St. Pierre said.

The Spartans’ season consisted of matches against tennis powerhouses like Catholic, St. Joseph’s, Parkview Baptist, Dunham and Episcopal, the coach said.

St. Pierre said he saw improvement with each game. Many matches ended up going to set tiebreakers or multiple deuce scores.

Senior Lizzy McDowell was selected to the All-Academics girls tennis team and was honored Monday at the state tournament.