Ascension Catholic School presented its annual Christmas musical, “Go Tell It!,” arranged by Jack Schrader, to a packed church Dec. 9.

Third-graders depicted the shepherds and angels as they heralded the birth of Jesus and Mary, Joseph and the angel Gabriel looked on. The third-graders also told the story of the birth of Jesus.

Carols were sung by two choirs. One choir was made up of all of the students of the fourth, fifth and sixth grades, and another included members of the ACHS Band and the Ascension Catholic Church Choir, a news release said.

The angels and shepherds sang “Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus.”

Cast and crew included:

THIRD-GRADE DIRECTORS: Kiplyn Clouatre and Libby Dupre

MUSICAL DIRECTORS: Sandra Mistretta and Laura Shows

FACULTY ASSISTANCE: Mary Bergeron, Kathy Allen, Tammy Crochet, Rick Bolotte, Michelle Thibodeaux, Peggy Fouquier, Sarah Sotile and Lacey Mistretta.

NARRATORS: Hensley Truxillo, Elise Lemann, Aiden Crochet, Peyton Dunn, Aubrey Delatte, Olivia Blanchard, Isabella Troxclair, Ava Kate Ourso, Sydney Viallon, Michelle Daigle and Jaiyah Howard

MARY: Addison Lucas

JOSEPH: Cain Poirrier

GABRIEL: Camille LeBoeuf

BABY JESUS: Preston Pennison

ANGELS: Blake Oliver, Johnny Lawrence, Blyss Charleville, Aubrey Dempster, Kadynn Harvey, Elise Lemann, Katelyn Marroy, Ava Kate Ourso, Hensley Truxillo, Sydney Viallon, Addison Wilkinson, Skye Williams, Emilia Abadie, Olivia Blanchard, Kaiya Brown, Michelle Daigle, Aubrey Delatte, Jaiyah Howard, Kaitlyn Jacob, Chloe Pleasant, Savannah St. Amant and Isabella Troxclair

SHEPHERDS: Jamiris Breaux, Aiden Crochet, John David Landry, Mace Melancon, Mekhi Richard, Da’Ryan Augustine, Ethan Bergeron, Ansel Cantin, Peyton Dunn, Maddox Gomez, Andrew Landry, Brayden Martinez and Hudson Theriot

HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR: Danielle Brou, Meredith Daigle, Blaire Falcon, Breland Barber, Jada Crandle, Aisha Davila, Vanessa Diaz, Paige Joseph, Slater Blanchard, John DeManuelle, Tori Knighten, Matthew Landry, Trey Perilloux, Angela Trevino, Alden Charlet, Nydia Cooper, Kai Mouton and Katie Perilloux

ASCENSION CATHOLIC CHURCH CHOIR: Shirley Usey, Cheryl Bourg, Pam Giroir, Pam Gregoire, Karleen Kastner, Genie Landry, Lena Rome, Sue Joffrion and Janice Templet