Duke University invited 84 qualifying students from Prairieville Middle School to take the ACT or the SAT as part of its 2014-15 Talent Identification Program.

Duke TIP identifies seventh-graders in 16 states in the Southeast, Midwest and Southwest who have scored at the 95th percentile or above on a national grade-level achievement test, a news release said.

Of 35 students who enrolled for testing, 32 took the test. Sixteen qualified for state recognition, 14 for the Academy for Summer Studies and seven for the Center for Summer Studies.

Receiving state recognition were Peyton Abdelbaki, Cameron Bonds, Justin Chase, Rajenae Harkless, Kinsey Hatfield, Cole Hattier, Benjamin Ickes, Dillon Marshall, Simone Mixon, Hannah Presley, Justice Rogers, Emma Romer, Audrey Shank, Erin Taylor, Addison Wilson and Cedric Witkowski.

Selected for the Academy of Summer Studies were Abdelbaki, Cameron Bonds, Justin Chase, Charles Dowling, Mandy Edmonds, Harkless, Destiny Hawkins, Kendall Lamont, Marshall, Cade Moreau, Hannah Presley, Justice Rogers, Shank and Witkowski.

Center for Summer Studies: Kinsey Hatfield, Cole Hattier, Benjamin Ickes, Simone Mixon, Emma Romer, Taylor and Wilson.

Other participants: Madelyn Adams, Ashton Anderson, Connor Anderson, Caitlyn Andrews, Vandela Balogh, Madison Beam, Gavan Bercegeay, Erica Billoups, Abigail Boehl, Britni Bourgeois, Elizabeth Bourgeois, Walker Brassette, Jonah Brock, Kylie Brown, Colt Burleigh, Rylie Buturla, Jordan Cangelosi, Dana Carpenter, Alexia Cobb, Grace Copponex, Noah Dewerff, Quintin Faulker, Lucas Ferguson, Caroline Glynn, Nicholas Graham, Alec Granados, Andrea Granera, Lily Guidry, Carson Hillman, Riley Lawrence, Lily Leas, Emily Lewis, Lillie Martin, Mackenzie McGovern, Caleb Miller, Lauren Montgomery, Karli Morrison, Ezekiel Nance, Timothy Nguyen, Anna Orihuela, Cohen Parent, Kade Parker, Miranda Patterson, Christia Peytavin, Brianna Pittman, Brooke Pittman, Adelaide Pizzuto, Caleb Provencher, Elizabeth Rocha, Timothy Smith, Gregory Snow, Michael Snow, Nathan Stanley, Wyatt Stephens, Keili Syperek, Abby Talbot, Alex Thackney, Alex Theriot, Emily Tran, Clancy Walker, Corey Walle, Grant Weaver and Braden Winters.