Students at St. John Primary and St. Theresa Catholic schools celebrated the end of a magazine fundraiser with two special events.

To mark the end of the schools’ fundraiser, the students took part in “pig races,” a news release from the schools states.

Students in the three top-selling classes at each school shouted and cheered as the animated toy pigs wobbled toward the finish lines.

The top three contenders at St. Theresa Middle were entries from Teresa Rezac’s fourth-grade class, Torrie Schexnaydre’s fifth-graders, and Susan Carbo’s sixth-grade class. Schexnaydre’s class, as the winner of the pig races, won a pizza party.

At St. John Primary, the three top-selling classes were Mindi Gonzales’s first-graders, Denise Terrebonne’s third-graders, and Kathy Long’s third-graders. The winning class was Long’s class, who also celebrated with a pizza party.

Students selling 15 or more magazine orders were treated Dec. 7 to a ride in a limousine to lunch and back.