Summertime is here and that means more watercraft of all kinds on our waterways. We have lots of navigable water that makes water sports extremely popular. The kids are out of school and fishing is good as well this time of year.

Not everyone possesses the same boating skills, which is one of the problems when one might be out boating. Increased traffic compounds the problem, making for more opportunities for accidents.

In the past two weeks there were two water accidents that didn’t result in any fatalities but could have been worse. The first was an ultra-light aircraft accident where an experienced pilot was flying too low. He didn’t have time to react and crashed in the Diversion Canal.

The other accident involved a boat in the Diversion at the start of the Wednesday afternoon bass tournament. Most of the canal has bulkheads on both sides that can create a barrage of waves from all directions.

Either lack of experience or bad judgment in all those waves caused the boat to become airborne and strike a parked boat on a nearby pier resulting in four injuries. Fortune played a big part in this one not being worse. Please, please be careful when boating.