Dutchtown High School teacher Mandy Perret’s students are receiving a boost toward improving their AP test scores and ACT scores through an Ascension Fund grant.

Perret used the grant funds to purchase Albert.io licenses for students. The program helps students review AP courses for which they need assistance and ACT/PSAT topics for which they need improvement, a news release said.

Through Albert.io, students receive detailed descriptions when a problem is missed or answered incorrectly and sometimes receive a helpful video explaining the problem. The students also have the option to use the program at home.

“It is an important instrument in helping me improve my ACT score and preparing for AP tests,” said student Courtney Connelly.

Student Logan Pontillas said, “My ACT went up 2 points and my science score went up 7.”

Perret also can use the program to analyze whether her students are proficient and where improvement is needed.

Funds for this grant were provided by the Claire Carline Memorial through the Ascension Fund.

The nonprofit Ascension Fund was founded by the Gonzales Rotary Club in 1991 to provide grants for innovative ideas and programs in Ascension Parish public schools.

The Ascension Fund awards teacher grants of $500 or $1,000 and school impact grants of $2,500 on an annual competitive basis. Visit ascensionfund.com for details.