Third-grade students at Lake Elementary school are learning math skills thanks to a new Math Mania program.

Third- and fourth-grade teachers met as a professional learning community earlier in the school year to discuss learning trends in the past several years, teacher Shannon Parent Hickey said in a news release.

“One thing that was clearly evident was that fourth-grade students do not recall the basic multiplication facts that they learned in third grade,” she said. “Since multiplication is the basis for many math concepts presented in fourth grade, the third-grade teachers knew they had to really concentrate even harder on helping their students recall those multiplication facts.”

The teachers decided to do a weekly Math Mania contest. Each Friday, she said, students line up with their class to see who can recall the facts the fastest.

“The winners, or ‘math maniacs’ for the week will receive a banner that is hung on their classroom door, a surprise treat and their teacher has to wear a special hat that says ‘My Class Rocks!’ ” she said.

The program has proved to be popular with the students, she said.

Working with the program are third-grade teachers Trina Brignac, Hickey, April McCready, Hollie LeBlanc and Angel Quebedeaux.