The Gonzales Planning and Zoning Commission on Monday sent to the City Council a rezoning request that became a lightning rod for controversy last year when the City Council rejected it on a 3-2 vote.

As a result, the electric supply company Crawford Electric, a subsidiary of the French company Sonepar, dropped its efforts to build a location in the city.

“We’re trying to get zoning to accommodate people just like Crawford, who we lost last year,” Charles Bondy, speaking for the PriceCo company, a company of the Price LeBlanc family, said at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting Monday night.

“We passed this once before,” Commissioner Terry Richey said, referring to the commission’s motion last year to bring the matter to the city for a vote. “We’ll be more than happy to pass it again.”

PriceCo is seeking to rezone approximately 23 undeveloped acres on South Burnside Avenue from a mix of retail and residential zoning to C-2, the commercial zoning that allows for both retail and warehouse-type businesses.

Bondy said that at present there are no sales pending for the property and the PriceCo company is in the process of clearing the land.

Last year, a local developer had sought to purchase 5 acres of the tract to build and lease a warehouse to Crawford Electric. Those plans were derailed by the City Council’s vote against the rezoning by councilman Terance Irvin and then-councilmen Gary Lacombe, who later resigned, and Timothy Vessel, who was recalled in December.

The City Council will vote on the request by PriceCo at its next meeting on May 11.

Other items the Planning and Zoning Commission sent to the City Council include:

A request by resident Al Husser to rezone 9 tracts along West Worthey Road from 8,000-square-foot residential lots to 6,000-square-foot lots.

A request by developer Sonny Lamendola to extend C-2 commercial zoning approximately 200 feet east of similarly zoned adjacent property on Orice Roth Road that he’s developing.