Photo provided by Connie Newman -- Mia Nichols, a student in Connie Newman’s third-grade class at Spanish Lake Primary School, enjoys interacting with one of the new iPods purchased with funds from The Ascension Fund.

Connie Newman, a third-grade teacher at Spanish Lake Primary School, was awarded a $1,000 Ascension Fund grant to encourage literacy across the mathematics curriculum.

Newman’s students are benefiting from her Literally Math project, which provided them with a set of four iPods used to promote literacy in math.

“Fun and interactive texts and apps on the iPods provide a natural way for students to grasp math concepts, make real life connections and independently build critical math and literacy skills,” a news release from Newman said.

Station rotations using the iPods provide each student with the opportunity to interact with the technology every week, she said.

As students interact with problem-solving apps like Splash Math and Solving Maths, they are engaged in reaching both their math and literacy goals on district benchmark assessments, she said.

The Capital One Endowment Grant through the Ascension Fund funded the grant.