The city of Gonzales is looking at hiring a nonprofit organization to rewrite all of the city’s zoning ordinances rather than just a few at a time.

In February, the Gonzales City Council agreed to pay the Center for Planning Excellence $20,200 to rewrite the city’s apartment zoning as a first step in rewriting all of the city’s zoning laws.

The city is interested in providing zoning that would allow for a higher number of apartment units per acre, which has been shown to attract high-quality developments.

Zoning for apartments in the city is limited to 10 units per acre.

CPEX has turned in a draft of that apartment zoning work, but City Clerk Clay Stafford said it would be confusing for the city to go forward with new zoning in only parts of the city’s regulations.

“Let’s do it all now. Why piecemeal it?” Stafford said at Monday’s meeting of the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

The city is in the process of discussing the cost of the work for CPEX to rewrite the remaining zoning ordinances, Stafford said.

In August, the City Council approved a new comprehensive land-use plan for the city that was prepared by CPEX at a cost of $162,500. The revision of the zoning ordinances is a separate project.

The city will hold public hearings on any proposed zoning ordinance changes.