City Councilmen voted Tuesday to issue an additional $600,000 in taxable sewer revenue bonds to alter a project on the city’s east side.

City Attorney Charles “Chuck” Long said the original project was to extend piping and create a regional pump station along La. 3089 near the city limits.

However, a lack of volume was cited in a decision to instead extend sewer piping through the area to the city’s wastewater treatment plant along the La. 70 spur, Mayor Leroy Sullivan Sr. said.

The extended, larger-diameter sewer line will run from a nearby pump station, running under the South Louisiana State Fairgrounds site and the nearby Union Pacific Railroad out to the treatment plant.

The city already has $2.5 million in bonds approved for the project, Long added.

Sullivan said the project will help alleviate sewage backups on the city’s east side, in particular near the St. Patrick Street area, during hard rains.

“That’s a problem we’ve had there for 30 or 40 years,” Sullivan said.

The mayor added that if open land in the area were to be developed, new construction would be able to tie into the extended sewer line.

Asked if the project could lead to increases in sewer usage fees for customers, Sullivan said that fees would not increase immediately. However, he did not rule out a possible increase in the future.

The council also agreed to begin paying a $5 monthly user fee for emergency radios from Ascension Parish’s 911 Communication District.

The communication district is installing the service fee for all agencies using its emergency radios, which it upgraded in recent years, Donaldsonville Fire Chief Chuck Montero said.

“This monthly user fee will cover the ongoing cost of maintenance fees on the radio system, which is in excess of $200,000 per year to keep the radio system up,” said Montero.

The Fire Department uses 21 of the radios, which will incur an annual cost of $1,260 in user fees to its budget, Montero said.