GONZALES— Eloise Freeman was the last of the 150 seniors to arrive at the Council on Aging’s Easter egg hunt.

Her tardiness, however, didn’t hamper her egg-hunting abilities, as she found one of the prize eggs hidden in Veterans Memorial Park for the March 28 event.

Council on Aging Executive Director Darlene Schexnayder said it took longer to hide the 500 plastic, treat-filled eggs than it did for the seniors to find them.

Zenobia Kensey, of Donaldsonville, shook her plastic, egg-filled bag as she walked away from the hunting grounds.

“I did a good little hustle,” she said of her haul.

After the egg hunt, 31 seniors competed in the Spring Fling Easter Party’s hat contest.

Contestants used plastic eggs, grass, stuffed animals, twigs, lace, flowers, rubber snakes and lizards, crosses and ribbons to decorate their caps, bonnets and hats.

Judith Sanchez, of Donaldsonville, wasn’t satisfied with just decorating a hat. She also created a matching purse to go with her bonnet.

“It’s a little heavy,” she said as she adjusted her towering hat, which featured a large stuffed bunny on top.

Musician Cliff Nickens played “The Bunny Hop” as the contestants circled around the judges.

Calvin Braud hopped to the music and a win in the most original category. His wife, Rosa Braud, won third in the category, with Grace Martinez winning second place.

Mary Chauff’s lace hat won first place in the prettiest division, with Lucille Taylor, second and Evelyn Logwood, third.

Alvia Williams’ “duck” cap was declared the funniest. Clarence Rome and Leo Garrison also won in the funniest category.

Freeman’s entry, which featured cotton balls, a red nose and bunny ears, was named most creative. Robert Deshotels and Shirley Stelly also won in the most creative category.

Sanchez won in the best theme category. Lucille Heath finished in second place and Barbara Neely was third.

“This is always one of our favorite parties, and this year they really went all out with the Easter hats,” Schexnayder said.

She now turns her attention to an upcoming health fair and Spring picnic.

“There’s always something going on,” she said.