Winners of the 2016 Ascension Parish 4-H/FFA Junior Livestock Show, held Jan. 14-16 at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, are:


MARKET GOATS: Grand Champion, Desiree Falgout; and Reserve Grand Champion, Damien Gautreaux.

BREEDING GOATS: Champion Purebred Boer Buck, Kelsie Brignac; Champion Purebred Boer Doe, Ethan Brignac; Reserve Champion Purebred Boer Doe, Kelsie Brignac; Champion Percentage Boar Buck, Jamie Lavergne; Champion Percentage Boer Does, Desiree Falgout; Reserve Champion Percentage Boer Does, Ethan Brignac; Champion Pygmy Boer Does, Gracie Devall; Reserve Champion Pygmy Does, Jessie Dickens; Champion AOB Doe, Kendall Berthelot; Champion Commercial Doe, Keelie Brignac; Reserve Champion Doe, Keelie Brignac; Supreme Champion Buck Goat, Jamie Lavergne; and Supreme Champion Doe Goat, Keelie Brignac.

SHOWMANSHIP: Senior Champion, Keelie Brignac; Intermediate Champion, Jamie Lavergne; Junior Champion, Kendall Berthelot; Rookie Champion, Alie Causey; and Overall, Keelie Brignac.


MARKET: Champion Dairy Commercial Heifer, Paige Zeringue.


MARKET: Champion Steer, Camryn Castrogovannie.


NON-BRAHMAN INFLUENCE COMMERCIAL HEIFERS: Champion, Haylee Fairchild; and Reserve Champion, Cody Waguespack.

BREEDING: Champion AOB Heifer, Camryn Castrogovannie.

BEEFMASTER: Champion Bull, Paige Zeringue; Reserve Champion Bull, Allie Daigle; and Champion Heifer, Allie Daigle.

BRANGUS: Grand Champion Heifer, Adam Schexnayder; and Reserve Champion Heifer, Eli Schexnayder.

GREY BRAHMAN: Champion Heifer, Hannah Barrilleaux; and Reserve Champion, Heifer Jared Barrilleaux.

HEREFORD: Champion Heifer, Makenna Babin; and Reserve Champion Heifer, Jake Schexnayder.

RED BRAHMAN: Champion Heifer, Jared Barrilleaux; Overall Bull, Paige Zeringue; and Overall Heifer, Camryn Castrogovannie.

SHOWMANSHIP: Senior Champion, Haylee Fairchild; Intermediate Champion, Makenna Babin; Junior Champion, Camryn Castrogovannie; Rookie Champion, Paige Zeringue; and Overall, Haylee Fairchild.


MARKET: Champion Market Lamb, Maci Schexnayder; and Reserve Champion Market Lamb, Eden Schexnayder.

BREEDING SHEEP: Champion Hampshire Ewe, Sophie Palmer; and Supreme Ewe, Sophie Palmer.

SHOWMANSHIP: Senior Showman, Maci Schexnayder; Intermediate Showman, Stephanie Epps; and Overall, Maci Schexnayder.


MARKET HOGS: Champion Barrow, Tobie Laiche; Reserve Champion Barrow, Zack Zeringue; Champion Hampshire, Eden Schexnayder; Reserve Champion Hampshire, Maci Schexnayder; Champion Yorkshire, Torie Laiche; Reserve Champion Yorkshire, Cheyenne Moran; Champion Duroc, Brennan Percle; Reserve Champion Duroc, Anna Schexnayder; Champion Cross, Megan Bordelon; Reserve Champion Cross, Cheyenne Moran; Grand Champion Market Pig, Tobie Laiche; and Reserve Champion Market Pig, Eden Schexnayder.

BREEDING HOGS: Champion Commercial Gilt, Cheyenne Moran; Reserve Champion Commercial Gilt, Megan Bordelon; Champion AOB, Madylyn Turner; Champion Duroc, Casen Decuir; Reserve Champion Duroc, Bailey Louviere; Champion Hampshire, Matthew Delaune; Reserve Champion Hampshire, Matthew Delaune; Champion Yorkshire, Megan Bordelon; Reserve Champion Yorkshire, Megan Bordelon; and Supreme Breeding Gilt, Megan Bordelon.

SHOWMANSHIP: Senior Champion, Eden Schexnayder; Intermediate Champion, Sadie Melancon; Junior Champion, Triton Bercegaey; Rookie Champion, Bailey Louviere; and Overall, Eden Schexnayder.


BROILERS: Champion, Hope Leeth; and Reserve Champion, Gabrielle Baggett.

EXHIBITION: Champion Bantam, Gabrial Trippi; Reserve Champion Bantam, Emma Baumann; Champion Standard, Emily Duguay; Reserve Champion Standard, Emily Duguay; and Supreme Bird in Show, Gabrial Trippi.

SHOWMANSHIP: Senior Showman, Matthew Landry; Intermediate Showman, Jamie Lavergne; Junior Showman, Camryn Torres; Rookie Showman, Emma Baumann; and Overall, Matthew Landry.


BEST RABBIT IN SHOW: Grand Champion, Jade Chenevert; and Reserve Grand Champion, Jace Chenevert.

SHOWMANSHIP: Senior Showman, Emma Baker; Intermediate Showman, Sadie Bourgeois; Junior Showman, Rachel Stewart; Rookie Showman, Stormy Gill; and Overall, Sadie Bourgeois.

Costume contest

Jade Chenevert.

Photography contest

Jace Chenevert.

Graduating seniors

Eden Schexnayder, Hannah Barrilleaux, Jarred Barrilleaux and Mary Gautreau.

Volunteer Service Award

Claire Braud.