The city is hoping to apply for state funding that could pay for much-needed renovations to a road through the D’ville Village Apartments, its grant consultant said Tuesday.

At a public hearing held during the City Council meeting, Thomas Keen of Cambridge Design Solution outlined how the city could use Louisiana Community Development Block Grant funding, if awarded.

Mayor Leroy Sullivan Sr. has said the main access road through the D’ville Village Apartments, a community of 307 residents, requires major improvements.

“This would be a complete rehab of the road through there,” Keen said.

According to the block grant program guidelines, funds must be used for projects that would benefit an area where low- to moderate-income residents make up 51 percent of the population.

Keen said that after reviewing the possible projects available through the block grant, the D’ville Village project is the most feasible and serves the most people.

The maximum grant size for road projects through the block grant program is $600,000, Keen said, with a minimum grant of $150,000.

“This would be a good augment to work with the city’s current half-cent sales tax dedicated to road improvements,” Keen said.

No official action was taken by the council, as Keen said he is required to hold another public hearing at 6 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall. At that meeting, Keen said, plans for the funding request will be available for review and discussion.

The council also continued discussion as to how it will cover the nearly $110,000 cost to lay asphalt along a portion of the Mississippi River levee through the city.

The project originally called for asphalt to be laid atop the levee from behind People’s Water Co. out to Thibaut Drive, but initial costs forced officials to scale the project back to end at Lee Avenue.

Sullivan said the project is short by $109,000, despite receiving a state Rails and Trails grant and in-kind dollars.

The mayor also said the city is at risk of losing the grant if it cannot find additional funding for the project soon.

The council will further discuss the matter at its next committee of the whole meeting, scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday at City Hall.