Ascension Parish community photo gallery for April 7, 2016 _lowres

Photo provided by Janis Ament -- Addie Bledsoe's second grade class at St. John Primary School includes, first row left to Jada Crabtree, Alex Klumpp, Alexis Lavigne, Gabrielle Helfrich, Rylee Bourque, Reese Widner, and Easton Lambert; second row, Librian Wren, Ronnie Cuccia, Laila Johnston, Ethan Pickering, Jude St. Pierre and Audrey Manda; third row, Don Nguyen, Emily Thompson, Zoe Zimmerman, Preston Berthelot, Taylor Goldsmith, Callie Putnam and Bledsoe.

The Ascension Advocate’s Spotlight Classroom this week is Addie Bledsoe’s second-grade class at St. John Primary School. The students were asked:

  • What is your favorite part of the school day and why?
  • PRESTON BERTHELOT: “Religion, math and social studies because we get to color and learn and talk about God.”
  • RYLEE BOURQUE: “Math is my favorite because I like to add and subtract.”
  • JADA CRABTREE: “I like social studies because it helps me learn about stuff that happened a long time ago.”
  • RONNIE CUCCIA: “Learning math and religion because my teacher makes it fun.”
  • TAYLOR GOLDSMITH: “I like recess the best because I get to play with all my friends.”
  • GABRIELLE HELFRICH: “I like when we have extra recess because I can play with a lot of friends.”
  • LAILA JOHNSTON: “I like lunch because we get to eat. My favorite food is pizza.”
  • ALEX KLUMPP: “When we do math because my dad is a math teacher, and I like it, too.”
  • EASTON LAMBERT: “I like the Daily 5 Centers because we do math games, reading, electronics and other fun stuff.”
  • ALEXIS LAVIGNE: “I like when my teacher lets us play the spelling game.”
  • AUDREY MANDA: “I like morning assembly because we can talk to our friends, and we do prayer together.”
  • DON NGUYEN: “I like science because I can learn new things every day.”
  • ETHAN PICKERING: “I like math because it is my favorite subject. In math, you can rewrite the problems and find the answers.”
  • CALLIE PUTNAM: “I think I like social studies because I learn about history.”
  • JUDE ST. PIERRE: “I like recess because it’s fun, and I get to play with my friends.”
  • EMILY THOMPSON: “I like math because we are on subtraction and it’s fun.”
  • REESE WIDNER: “I like recess because I can do flips and play Little Sally Walker.”
  • LIBRIAN WREN: “I like going to lunch because I get to eat, and I’m always hungry.”
  • ZOE ZIMMERMAN: “My favorite part of the day is lunch because I like to eat.”