The Gonzales City Council will vote on a proposed hike in rental rates for the Gonzales Civic Center at its next meeting, with increases ranging from $50 to $100 depending on the event.

If approved at the May 6 meeting, the new rates would go into effect in the new fiscal year, which begins June 1.

Anyone calling to book the center before that date will get the former rates, City Clerk Clay Stafford said at Monday’s City Council meeting.

Rates for the civic center are set in the city ordinance and must be voted on by the Council.

For parties other than nonprofit organizations, renting the center would go from $700 to $800, as proposed.

Rental rates for nonprofits would increase from $500 to $600.

For all renters, the security deposit would go from $200 to $250.

All of the charges include utilities and clean-up after the event.

Also on Monday, the City Council approved special permit requests from two restaurants for Cinco de Mayo events coming up on May 5.

On that day, one of the events will be held in the parking lot of El Paso Mexican Grill on La. 30 from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Another Cinco de Mayo event will be held May 5, indoors and in the parking lot, at Mi Cocina on South Burnside Avenue.