Sales tax revenues for the Ascension Parish school district for July were $5.6 million, a little more than budgeted, but are expected to begin to dip as the CF Industries plant expansion in Donaldsonville winds down.

“We anticipated that in our budget,” Diane Allison, director of business services, told board members at the School Board’s finance and curriculum meeting Tuesday.

A $2.1 billion expansion at CF Industries is on schedule to begin producing urea, a source of nitrogen fertilizer, this year, the company said in February.

Allison compared the July 2015 sales tax revenues of $5.6 million with July 2014 revenues of $6.3 million and July 2013 sales tax revenues of $5.9 million as an indication of the drop-off anticipated as the CF Industries expansion approaches the finish line.

Total revenues for the School Board, which include property taxes, for July were $13.9 million.

The School Board’s expenditures of $6 million in July were about 3 percent over budget due to annual software subscriptions and purchases of about $504,000 and major maintenance projects of approximately $576,000 at 11 campuses as the school district geared up for the new school year.