Firefighters and volunteers were honored Saturday for their contributions to the St. Amant Volunteer Fire Department.

The department held its annual banquet at the Venue in St. Amant.

The night began with St. Amant Volunteer Fire Department Chief James LeBlanc reminding all about the service local volunteers provide to St. Amant residents.

“Many of you know, this is a total volunteer department that responds to well over 700 calls per year,” LeBlanc said. “We operate four fire stations in the St. Amant community with 13 trucks. We also operate a boat rescue team on the river.

“These volunteers live for responding to ... the needs of our residents,” he said. “It’s so hard to believe that I have been blessed to be a volunteer fire chief in this parish for the past 30 years. Yes, things are not always perfect; yes we make mistakes, but remember these are the people that leave their families daily to respond to yours. The best reward in the world as a fire chief is to see the smiles on all these volunteer firefighters’ faces when they are appreciated for their accomplishments. God bless each and every one of you, and never forget: The people of our community will always be our No. 1 priority,” he said.

Jimmy Babin with Creative Cajun Cooking provided the meal and Assessor M.J. “Mert” Smiley administered the oath of office to the department’s board members and officers. Officers installed were Shane Pourciau, president; Gary Germany, vice president; Mike Breaux, second vice president; Justin Pauler, secretary; Sherri Jenkins, treasurer; James E. LeBlanc, fire chief; Josh Wingerter, assistant chief; Shane Rojas, custodian; and board members Troy Richardson, Shane Stuntz and Jake Blanchard.

Inducted as appointed officers were Ken Spivey, chaplain; Joel Louque, administration to the chief; Shane Pourciau, chief executive officer; Shane Stuntz, deputy assistant chief; Shane Stuntz, training chief; Mike Breaux, safety officer; Trish Gulino, EMS director; Jake Blanchard, assistant EMS director; Captains Justin Pauler, Shane Rojas, Chris Deroche and Troy Richardson; Lieutenants Gary Germany, Jake Blanchard, Dexter LeBlanc and Dane LeBlanc; Sergeants Sean Gilbert, Nichole Jacks, Greg Swanson and Robbie Villenurve; and Junior Firefighter Advisers Gary Germany and Christine Wilson.

Award winners included:

Outgoing Board Member Award: Aline Pruitt

Junior Firefighter of the Year: Blake Broussard

Officer of the Year: Sean Gilbert

EMS Responder of the Year: Kim Poche and Christine Wilson

EMS Rookie of the Year: Josh Delery

EMS Chief Award: Jake Blanchard

Night Time Rider Awards: Broc Poche and Jack Belleu

Firefighter Rookie of the Year: Myron Guidry

President’s Award: Gary Germany

Firefighter of the Year: Shane Rojas

Community Awards: Creative Cajun Cooking Jimmy Babin, “Tee” Wayne Abshire, Steve and Mike Broussard

Member of the Year: Sherri Jenkins and Kane Hanna

Key Person of the Year: Mike Breaux, Kelli Broussard and Stacey Denham

Training Award: ‘Mytrail’ Whitehead and Robbie Villenurve

Five Years of Service: Kelli Broussard, Jai Denham and Nichole Jacks

Fifteen Years of Service: Mike Breaux

Twenty Years of Service: Todd Bourgeois

Twenty-Five Years of Service: Greg Swanson