A $12,293.11 grant helped a Dutchtown High School marketing teacher purchase lap tops for her students, allowing them to learn software that will be useful in college and the workforce, Glenda Dorsey said.

Dorsey, who teaches marketing, entrepreneurship and advertising, said the grant from Marketing Eduction Retail Alliance “made it possible for me to teach hands-on lessons that would be very useful to my students once they are college-bound or entering into the work force.”

Each student was taught how to use the many different types of Microsoft Office software programs, allowing them to become familiar with creating brochures, flyers, print advertisements, business plans, marketing plans and advertising plans, she said.

“Being that I teach marketing, entrepreneurship, and advertising classes, I focus on lessons that will teach them how to use the many facets of the computer to be successful in society whether they have their own business or they are helping another business to be successful,” she said. “Technology will always be around, so knowing how to advertise, market, or promote any business using computers is quite essential for the success of any business.

“Also, learning how to do presentations is also very important in college and the business world.”

Dorsey used the grant to purchase 14 computers, a computer lab, and instructional supplies.

“Purchasing the mobile computer lab for my classes was great because I did not have to sign up to use the library or mobile computer carts within the school,” she said.

“Without the MERA grant I received for my entrepreneurship classes, it would not have been possible for each student to complete the Lemonade Stand Game Project on schedule,” she said.

The game teaches students the basics about supply and demand and how it will affect a business, which will ultimately affect profitability, Dorsey said.

MERA was created in 2000 and is administered by the Louisiana Retailers Association. MERA grants are funded through the Louisiana Department of Economic Development.