St. Amant resident Beth Bourgeois is hoping area families will consider taking part in the Ayusa Global Youth Exchange Program.

For the past seven years, Bourgeois’ family has hosted eight students and she serves as a community representative for the agency.

“In that time, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting very unique individuals from seven countries, including Brazil, Germany, France, Netherlands, Finland, Italy, and most recently, Japan,” she said. “Hosting is a very rewarding experience that allows families to strengthen their bond through the acceptance of a new member and to become more culturally competent, while embracing diversity”

Exchange students are between ages 15 and 18 and come from more than 60 countries around the world.

They come with their own spending money and health insurance, and have studied English for at least three years, she said.

Most of all, they are eager to learn about your American family.

To qualify to host, a family must pass a background check, meet with a local representative, receive school permission to enroll the exchange student and be able to provide the student with room and board, she said.

To learn more about hosting. call (888) 552-9872 or email Bourgeois at