Central Primary School in Gonzales held its Book Festival on Oct. 30, sponsored by the Central Primary Arts and Letters Guild.

Trey Veazey, fifth-grade teacher and chair of the Arts and Letters Guild, coordinated the event with the assistance of the faculty, staff and volunteers. Ten fifth-grade ambassadors were chosen to support and assist the authors and coordinators throughout the day.

The festival provided more than 840 students with the opportunity to interact with a published author.

The keynote speaker for fourth- and fifth-grade students was National Book Award-winning novelist Kimberly Willis Holt, author of “My Louisiana Sky” and “Dear Hank Williams.” She also led a writing workshop for 22 fifth-graders who won the chance to attend through a writing contest.

Jonah Winter, a picture book biographer, met with second- and third-graders to discuss his work and process, highlighting influential figures and milestone events.

New Orleans-based Confetti Park, consisting of husband-and-wife team David Eugene and Katy Hobgood Ray, shared David’s book, “The Little Mouse Santi,” and Katy’s songs on the ukulele with students in prekindergarten, kindergarten and first grade.