Classroom Spotlight: St. John Primary School first grade _lowres

Photo provided by Janis Ament -- St. John Primary School first-grade Classroom Spotlight this week includes, front row from left, Andrew Mondello, Taigon Schexnaydre and Grace Crow; second row, Rowan Bourque, Allie Bernard, Ruby Jean, Bennett Waguespack and Aubrie Ornelas; third row, Harper Babin, Gabrielle Weaver, Brayden Zeller, Mackenzie Landry, Ayden Little, Lani Nelson and Samantha Phillips; fourth row, Luke Rodrigue, Cooper Ray, Braxton Bourgeois, Teagan Murray, Bryce Warthen, Kennedi Owens, Summer Villar, Rachel Rushing and teacher Mindi Gonzales; and back left, instructional assistant Sabrina Mumphrey.

The Ascension Advocate’s Spotlight Classroom this week is Mindi Gonzales’ 2015-16 first-grade class at St. John Primary School in Prairieville. The students were asked:

  • What was the most fun thing you did this summer?
  • HARPER BABIN: “I went to the beach a long time ago and stayed there for five days.”
  • ALLIE BERNARD: “We went to Biloxi (Mississippi) and got to see a place where they rescued animals.”
  • BRAXTON BOURGEOIS: “I played Xbox.”
  • ROWAN BOURQUE: “I went to Disney World.”
  • GRACIE CROW: “I had a tea party and played Wii.”
  • RUBY JEAN: “I went to the beach and liked the hot tub and the pool.”
  • MACKENZIE LANDRY: “I went to the beach with my cousin and built sand castles.”
  • AYDEN LITTLE: “I went to the beach and played in the sand.
  • ANDREW MONDELLO: “I found a lot of shells at the beach.”
  • TEAGAN MURRAY: “I went on three vacations. I went to Dallas, Tennessee and Houston.”
  • LANI NELSON: “I went on vacations and spent the night with my brother.”
  • AUBRIE ORNELAS: “Well, last summer I went to play with my cousins.”
  • KENNEDI OWENS: “I had family day with my family.”
  • SAMANTHA PHILLIPS: “I went to the beach with my cousins and loved to go in the ocean.”
  • COOPER RAY: “I launched a rocket at my Pop and Gab’s house.”
  • LUKE RODRIGUE: “I swam at the beach.”
  • RACHEL RUSHING: “I went to Blue Bayou.”
  • TAIGON SCHEXNAYDRE: “I went swimming in the pool at the beach.”
  • SUMMER VILLAR: “I saw Ruby at camp and had a family day.”
  • BENNETT WAGUESPACK: “We caught some fish and ate them.”
  • BRYCE WARTHEN: “I played with my toys at my maw-maw’s house.”
  • BELLE WEAVER: “I played with water balloons.”
  • BRAYDON ZELLER: “I went to Branson, Missouri, and Silver Dollar City.”