The St. Amant High School digital program instructor Cindy Cangiolosi announced the winners of the school’s Golden Mouse Award.

The award, given in collaboration with the school’s arts program directed by Darryl Babin, has four main areas of concentration: illustration, typography, photo manipulation and videography, Cangiolosi said.

Digital media students compete for the award by producing digital works using Adobe software such as Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere Pro, she said.

This year’s Golden Mouse winners were Katelyn Herron, John Hammatt, Toree Braud, Rebekah Pocorello, Jacquelyn Fernandez, Julie Breaux, Joscelyne Silmon, Devon Romano, Blake Thibodeaux, Sierra Villar, Heidi Marks, Kallen Loots, Poco Dunbar, Dustin Bourque, Keelan Rome and Haleigh Schwartz.

In addition, Cangiolosi said, the school’s digital media program, which is part of the Career and Technical Education Program supervised by Ronda Matthews, participated in the Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators Video Contest, and the George Rodrigues’ 3-D Digital Arts Contest.

Last year’s winner Brittney White won $1,000, and through another grant has a full-paid scholarship to Southeastern Louisiana University. White is majoring in the digital arts and animation program, and has come to visit the St. Amant digital media students sharing her experiences.

In addition, each semester students compete by voting for the best designed digital media T-shirt, which is sold to all the SAHS digital media students. The Fall semester T-shirt winner was designed by Bailey Richards.

Students considering a career in the digital arts, or desiring to learn Adobe software can register for the digital media course offered at St. Amant, East Ascension and Dutchtown high school, she said.