It was a double win last week for the St. Amant Gators as the fans won the Shout Out Spirit Stick on Nov. 2 and the football team won on the field against cross-parish rival East Ascension on Friday.

The week leading up to the big game featured a series of events to raise money for the two schools.

Spartan/Gator Week kicked off Oct. 30 with a golf tournament at Pelican Point Golf Club. St. Amant won the 2017 Ryder Cup with a score of 98.5. The next day, the schools' freshman teams squared off, with the Spartans winning 6-0.

More than 1,500 plates of jambalaya were sold Nov. 2 to add to the fundraising total.

On Nov. 2, the schools' fans came together for the Shout Out. After dances, band performances and cheers, the students yelled for the Spirit Stick win. A decibel meter is used to determine the winner in a best-of-three competition. In the first yell, St. Amant recorded 105 decibels and East Ascension had a 103 reading. St. Amant sealed the win with a 113 decibel reading in round 2, while EA recorded 111.

The history of the Shout Out and the school rivalry is rich with traditions. In the early years of the rivalry, the two schools would gather in the parking lot of a restaurant or grocer for a pep rally. That tradition went away for a while but returned in 2008 when alumni from both schools gathered to raise money and celebrate the rivalry. 

Since the Shout Out was resurrected in 2008, each school has received more than $140,000 thanks to the community pep rally.

Both teams had winning seasons this year and are headed to the playoffs Friday.