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Photo provided by Lester Kenyon

Gathering recently for a presentation of checks from the state’s fire insurance premium rebate program are, from left, Eugene Witek, fire coordinator with Ascension Parish Fire Protection District No 1; James E. LeBlanc, fire chief with the St. Amant Volunteer Fire Department and chairman of Fire District No. 1; Donaldsonville Fire Department Chief Chuck Montero; Prairieville Fire Department Chief Mark Steward; Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa; Sorrento Volunteer Fire Department Chief Nelson Pinion; and Gonzales Fire Department Chief Tracey Norman.

Ascension Parish fire departments recently received rebate checks from the state Fire Rebate Insurance Fund presented by Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa.

The 2 percent rebates are based on a formula set by the Legislature and come from funds collected from fees assessed on fire insurance premiums, according to a news release.

Ascension Parish received $473,155.10, calculated by per capita and category value determined from the total parish population as well as the number of people serviced by each fire service unit, the release said.

“It’s an important part of our annual income,” Donaldsonville Fire Chief Chuck Montero said. “Since our portion goes into the city’s general fund, it helps cover all expenses related to the Fire Department.”

Fire departments receiving insurance rebate payments included Prairieville Volunteer Fire Department, $134,050.35; Galvez/Lake Volunteer Fire Department, $67,473.35; Fire District No. 2, $11,386.93; Geismar Volunteer Fire Department, $36,771.21; Fifth Ward Volunteer Fire Department, $23,748.06; Sorrento Volunteer Fire Department, $21,609.30; Gonzales Firefighters Association, $26,041.01; Seventh District Volunteer Fire Department, $46,164.51; St. Amant Volunteer Fire Department, $51,084.62; Gonzales Fire Department, $28,326.18; and Donaldsonville Fire Department, $26,499.59.