Students in second through sixth grade at Ascension Catholic Diocesan Regional Elementary School in Donaldsonville recently were recognized for their hard work and academic achievement during the first nine weeks of school.

The following students made the Honor Roll of Excellence (all As):

SECOND GRADE: Christopher Anthens, Cameron Breaux, Karston Broden , Christopher Gravois, Harlee Landry, Emma Nizzo, Kate Templet and Georgia Vega;

THIRD GRADE: Olivia Blanchard, Blyss Charleville, Aiden Crochet, Michelle Daigle, Aubrey Delatte, Peyton Dunn, Camille Leboeuf, Elise Lemann, Ava Kate Ourso and Sydney Viallon;

FOURTH GRADE: Camryn Castrogovannie, Allison Griffin, Jake Landry, Daniel Nguyen, Sarah Pizzolato, Luke Templet and Tyler Thibodeaux

FIFTH GRADE: Malorie Denham, Tatum Nguyen and Matthew Truxillo; and

SIXTH GRADE: William Bellina, Ella Lemann and Paul “Louie” Viallon.

The following students made the Honor Roll (all As and Bs):

SECOND GRADE: Joshua Barber, Lucie Blanchard, Evan Casso, Hunter Chiquet, Donyia Christy, Ella Esneault, Ella Ewen, Lexxie Falsetta, Eylin Hooper, Austin Landry, Ava Landry, Daniel Landry, Brooklyn Monaco, Kamryn Schexnayder, Trevin Simon, Lillian Simoneaux and Grace Truxillo;

THIRD GRADE: Emelia Abadie, Jamiris Breaux, Ansel Cantin, Jaiyah Howard, Andrew Landry, John Landry, Johnny Lawrence, Mace Melancon, Savannah St. Amant, Isabella Troxclair, Hensley Truxillo and Addison Wilkinson;

FOURTH GRADE: Norie Cassard, Tori Chachati, Grant Diez, Easton Dunn, Dwayne Landry, Jackson Landry, Jackson Melancon, Camille Mistretta, Mason Mistretta, Thomas Nizzo, Cole Simoneaux and Brennan Tripode;

FIFTH GRADE: Toby Bourg, Karleigh Daze, Celia Denham, Ella Landry, Mariah Landry, Jeanne Lemann, Casey Mays, Anna Claire Mistretta, Alyse Ourso, Anna Schexnayder, Owen Simoneaux and Reagan Tripode; and

SIXTH GRADE: Jeanne-Marie Bourgeois, Madisyn Cassard, Stevi Dugas, Maggie Landry, Rylee Landry, Rheonna Lavigne, Ariane Linton, Lex Melancon and Kade Schexnayder.