Robin Rotolo, maker of hand-crafted jewelry and other three-dimensional art, has been named the November Artist of the Month by the River Region Art Association in Gonzales, RRAA Vice President John Robbins said.

Rotolo grew up in Albuquerque, N.M., but has lived in Chicago; Baltimore; Oklahoma City; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Cheraw, S.C.; and Louisville, Ky., before moving to Gonzales.

She studied art in colleges, workshops, various special classes and has had private lessons.

Rotolo said she had “ training in life lessons learned from the great artists in my life, from my mother, who had the imagination to make fairy castles out of tin cans and stuffed animals out of old pieces of rags; my sister Laura, who is a talented watercolor artist; my cousin Kathy, who paints colors that vibrate and pictures that draw me to them; to my best friend in the world, Suzan, whom I have never met face to face but whose photography I predict will be famous one day.”

“So, here you have it,” Rotolo said, “my art, a mess of pasting and gluing that I hope reflects my sense of humor along with my sense of art, sharing some fun in my collages by creating an interest that will bring you back to look again and again ... and in my jewelry that makes each person that wears it feel special because they have one unique piece that no one else will ever have.”

Rotolo’s artwork can be seen at the RRAA gallery in the Gift Shop at Houmas House Plantation and Gardens and at the River Region Art Association’s Art Center, 1835 N. Magnolia St., Gonzales.

For more information, call (225) 644-8496.