An Ascension Fund grant has helped Dutchtown Primary School physical education teacher Kathleen Guedry expand her class instruction in a fun, nontraditional way.

“Fitness Is Fun” has always been Guedry’s motto during her 10-year teaching tenure, she said.

Guedry said she wanted a new way to motivate her students to participate in her fitness lessons. She was looking for a fun, nontraditional and inviting approach to exercising.

Guedry’s Fitness for Fun grant proposal fit the bill.

Guedry used the grant money to purchase Skillastics and Skillastics Halfpint, games that emphasize a creative teamwork approach to fitness.

The classes have been working together each week building muscles as well as social skills, she said.

The Skillastics game has improved the fitness level of her students, she said.

By the midyear point, Fitnessgram tests in curl-ups showed that 75 percent of her students in the third through fifth grades had already met their end-of-the-year curl-ups goals.

Most of the students had improved their scores in over half of the other tests, she said.

The students are gearing up for their final round of Fitnessgram tests in May.