Teachers looking for a way to educate students on Louisiana’s sugar cane crop have a new resource.

The American Sugar League has published “From Louisiana’s Sugar Belt to Your Table,” a new, full-color, 16-page educational brochure designed for students of all ages, a news release from the ASCL said.

Frankie Sotile, an Ascension Parish sugarcane farmer and chairman of the ASCL’s public relations committee, said more than 16,000 Louisiana residents make their living from sugar cane, the state’s number one row crop.

“We farmers know sugar, but we’d like to share with everyone how sugar cane travels from the field and gets made into the sugar you put in your coffee or on your French toast,” Sotile said. “‘Sugar Belt to Your Table’ helps us explain that in a fun and informative way.”

Sotile said the brochure is available for teachers who want to include a lesson plan about sugar cane.

“The package has eight different lessons and covers the history, chemistry, geography, cultivation and the many ways sugar is used in the United States,” Sotile said. “The Louisiana sugar cane farmer produces enough sugar to supply the needs of more than 60 million Americans. That’s significant, and we want to share with everyone how the sugar cane agricultural cycle works.

“It’s a wonderful learning tool for everyone, and we hope to place it in every classroom in the Sugar Belt,” Sotile said. “But the brochure is not just for school children; it’s for anyone who wants to learn more about Louisiana’s sugar industry.”

The packet also is available at the ASCL’s website at www.LaCane.org/learn and may be downloaded.

Teachers and others can call the ASCL at (985) 448-3707, (800) 883-2875 or email sugar@amscl.org.