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Photo provided by James E. LeBlanc -- St. Amant volunteer firefighters take part in a training class on when to call for air medical transportation.

The St. Amant Volunteer Fire Department hosted an air medical rescue transport training event last week in St. Amant in hopes of cutting down response times for rescue situations.

The training drill was provided free of charge by Acadian Ambulance at the St. Amant Volunteer Fire Department main fire station on Stringer Bridge Road, Chief Officer James E. LeBlanc said.

The instructor, Quality Improvement Coordinator Clint Braud, provided instruction on when to use Air Med Services, how to establish and secure a proper landing zone and general safety considerations when operating around helicopters, LeBlanc said.

“Air Med medical transport is designed to transport critically injured or ill patients to the most appropriate facility in the fastest way possible,” Chief Officer LeBlanc said. “The goal of the St. Amant Volunteer Fire Department is to minimize the amount of time between the injury and treatment at the most appropriate facility. Most areas in the St. Amant Community are within 30 to 40 minutes of a trauma center or cardiac care center.”

LeBlanc said motor vehicle accidents are a common occurrence in St. Amant, and often extrication operations are required to remove victims. In some cases, it may take first responders 30 minutes to extricate a crash victim.

“During this time a helicopter can respond to a nearby landing zone, staged to provide immediate care to the victim,” LeBlanc said. “Air Med can then transport the patient to a trauma center in a matter of a few minutes.”

Seventeen volunteer firefighters attended the training.