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Photo provided by Karen Sigur -- Winners of the Soza 60-Day Slim Down Challenge, from left, were Judith Roberson, Jerry Fairbanks and Angela Allen.

Jerry Fairbanks won this year’s Soza 60-Day Slim-Down Challenge at Soza Weight Loss Clinic in Prairieville.

This year’s contest started with 20 contestants — 18 women and two men — with 15 making it the distance, a news release said.

Winners were determined based on percentage of body weight lost over the 60-day challenge.

Fairbanks lost 13.67 percent of his body fat.

Second-place winner Judith Roberson lost 13.4 percent of her body fat, and Angela Allen, with an 11.9 percent loss, was third.

The top 10 challenge winners lost a total of 225.8 pounds and 138.75 inches.