Ascension Parish community photo gallery for Jan. 14, 2016 _lowres

Photo provided by Janis Ament -- Chelsea Weaver’s first-grade class at St. John Primary School in Prairieville includes, first row from left, Cullon Curole, Cale Marchand, Kasey Decoteau, Baker Sharp, Savanna Brown and Weaver; second row, Alyse Daigle, Isabella Canale, Luke Viso and Maggie Vicknair; third row, instructional assistant Shannon Meng, Summer Leon, Claire Leader, Reese James, Effie Corley, Patrick Ocmond, Robbie Jones, Andrea Manns and Addy Faulkner; and fourth row, Kayleigh Gary, Kael Quigley, Kooper Rome, Piper Heroman and Anna Cole.

The Ascension Advocate’s Spotlight Classroom this week is Chelsea Weaver’s first-grade class at St. John Primary School in Prairieville. The students were asked:

  • If you were the zookeeper for any zoo in the world, what would be your favorite animal? Why?
  • SAVANNA BROWN: Zebra, because it has stripes and it’s white.
  • ISABELLA CANALE: Zebra, because it has white and black stripes.
  • ANNA COLE: Giraffe, because it has a long neck and grabs leaves from trees.
  • EFFIE CORLEY: Cheetah, because it runs fast and I like their color.
  • CULLEN CUROLE: Komodo dragon, because I saw them at the Audubon Zoo. I like how they kill their prey.
  • ALYSE DAIGLE: Tiger, because I like its stripes.
  • KASEY DECOTEAU: Tiger, because it’s orange. I like lions, too, because they are yellow. Yellow and orange are my favorite colors.
  • ADDYSON FAULKNER: My favorite animal is a horse because I have a bunch of horses. I like to ride them. I have a pony, too.
  • KAYLEIGH GARY: Horse, because they are really fast and pretty and I can ride them.
  • PIPER HEROMAN: Monkey, because I can feed them bananas and they swing from branches.
  • REESE JAMES: Tiger, because it has sharp teeth.
  • ROBINSON JONES: Cheetah, because I like its colors, they are strong and they scratch.
  • CLAIRE LEADER: Cheetah, because they run fast and have spots.
  • SUMMER LEON: Zebra, because they have stripes and a pretty name.
  • ANDREA MANNS: Monkey, because they have little baby monkeys. They are really cute.
  • CALE MARCHAND: Giraffe, because it is tall and has a long neck.
  • PATRICK OCMOND: Lion, because it eats animals. It sees animals and runs at them. It sneaks up to animals, and the animal runs away.
  • JACKSON QUIGLEY: Rabbit and a cheetah. I like rabbits because they are cute and soft. I have a rabbit. I like cheetahs because they are fast and are carnivores.
  • KOOPER ROME: Giraffe, because it has a long neck and is big and tall.
  • BAKER SHARP: Giraffe, because I like their color. They are tall. I like that they are yellow.
  • MAGGIE VICKNAIR: Zebra, because it has stripes.
  • LUKE VISO: Shark in the ocean and a rattlesnake. I like rattlesnakes because they eat rats and mice and they rattle.