Advocate staff file photo by John Oubre -- Superintendent Patrice Pujol gives remarks during Donaldsonville High School's graduation ceremony in May 2014.

With the ongoing controversy over Common Core, Ascension Parish Superintendent Patrice Pujol recently gave School Board members her best guess on what standardized tests from the state for Common Core might look like for the coming school year.

“I’m thinking the assessment will be similar to the one we had last year, with the addition of some more rigorous items,” Pujol told School Board members Tuesday night.

In other words, she said, it will be another year of transition, following a pattern of state standardized testing that’s gradually added some new, more demanding material each year.

“I had hoped to have something more definitive” at this point, Pujol told the School Board.

“I obviously would like to know what the assessment is, but I feel our kids will be ready for any assessment,” Pujol said.

“We are confident our kids will be in good shape,” she said.

In another matter, Diane Allison, director of business services for the School Board, told board members that “sales tax revenue is up, up, up,” primarily due to the plant expansion underway at CF Industries near Donaldsonville.

The $2.1 billion expansion of the country’s largest nitrogen plant will result in two new production units expected to be in operation by 2016.

Allison said she had originally budgeted total school district sales tax revenues from July 2013 to June 2014 at $55.6 million, but it’s come in at $64.7 million, $9.1 million more than anticipated.

“Basically what we’re doing with that is funding it to (school) construction, whether it’s major maintenance projects or the freshman academies” that are planned for three high schools, Allison said.