The Ascension Parish School Board is looking at clarifying its procedure in the event a board member asks for a redo on a vote.

The issue surfaced in August when board member Louis Lambert asked that the board vote a second time on whether the primary school in Donaldsonville should be moved to a new location.

Lambert said he was confused when he voted on Aug. 4 for Donaldsonville Primary to stay where it is. The motion to move the school failed that night.

Recent changes to Robert’s Rules of Order muddied the matter for the board, which sought legal advice before bringing the matter up for a vote again.

When the School Board took another vote on the issue later in August, it ended in a tie, meaning the vote taken on Aug. 4 to keep the school on La. 3089 near Donaldsonville stood.

On Tuesday, the board’s Policy Committee, headed by board member Julie Blouin, approved a proposed policy to be sent to the full board for a vote that reads: “Reconsideration of an item voted on shall be made by someone on the winning side, during the meeting in which the Board voted on the item or in the meeting immediately following the vote on the initial action.”

The proposal suggests matters voted on by the board can’t be brought up for reconsideration more than once during a calendar year, except by a two-thirds vote of the board.

The Policy Committee also voted to have board attorney Jeff Diez look into formalizing a policy on how board members can put items for discussion on meeting agendas, after board member Robyn Penn Delaney sought clarification on the matter.