Eighth-graders got a sneak peak of what high school life will be like during a Feb. 12 program at St. Amant High School.

St. Amant High School’s Incoming Freshman Night started with parents and students making appointments to meet with the school guidance counselors when they return to the middle schools. After that, the attendees were free to browse through the club and organization booths set up in the gym.

“I want parents to realize all of the wonderful opportunities that their kids are going to have at St. Amant High School, from academic opportunities to extracurricular opportunities,” said Associate Principal Beth Templet.

French Club, cross country, theater, National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and choir were just a few groups the students were able to learn about.

Incoming freshman Amber Williams picked out a handful of clubs she wants to join, but said she is most excited about theater and choir.

“I like to perform. I like to sing and dance,” Williams said.

Jackson McCrary had a more focused taste in extracurricular activities.

“I’m just looking forward to football and that’s it,” said Jackson, who played offensive line and defensive line on his middle school football team.

Despite his singular interest, his parents felt assured that there were plenty of options.

“It seems like there’s a really great opportunity no matter what your child is interested in,” said Sarah McCrary. “And all those opportunities were represented tonight. We’re thankful that they took the time to come out and show what they’ve got.”

After 30 minutes of browsing, everyone settled down in the bleachers for a presentation. The St. Amant drumline came out to pump up the crowd.

Several members of the staff spoke about the business side of the transition from middle school to high school.

Then, a few students from different grade levels spoke to the eighth-graders about what to expect in high school. The overall message was clear: get involved, be yourself and make the most out of the high school experience, since it goes by quickly.

“It was really great to see how all the kids who spoke were so excited to be students here, and really taking advantage of all those opportunities,” said Sarah McCrary. “You just want that for you kid as well.”

To wrap things up, senior and Super Gator Cody McManus spoke about school spirit and led everyone in a chant.

“St. Amant High School is just wonderful,” said Ganetta Savoy. “People here are like family. I graduated from here, and I’m so happy that my daughter is going to be coming here too.”