More than 2,000 rainbow trout are making their home in the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center pond.

On Dec. 18, the Ascension Parish Recreation Department stocked the pond at Lamar-Dixon Expo Center with rainbow trout. More than 1,100 trout were placed in the pond in 2013.

Last year, this effort was successful. Rainbow trout are hardy, aggressive and somewhat easy to catch compared to other species. Rainbows need cold water to survive, hence the release in December. They will stay alive until the water reaches 70 degrees. The warmer water causes stress and they usually die because of the heat. The fish will be catchable until late April or early May if the cool weather stays around.

Anglers are encouraged to keep their catch because the trout don’t survive to reproduce.

One of the easiest methods used to catch rainbow trout is to take a No. 4 or No. 6 hook tied to the end of your line on a spin cast or spinning reel and rod combo. Because there is no current in the pond, a couple of split shot weights crimped about 8 inches above the hook will get the bait to the bottom just fine.

Two or three pieces of canned corn is one bait that works well. Small, white marshmallows or pink or green ones are another top choice. Packaged, colored egg-type baits in a jar also work well. Throw the baited hook 25 or 30 inches from the bank, let it go to the bottom and just let it sit until one takes the bait. Set the hook and get ready for a fun fight and some spectacular jumping, as rainbow trout like to jump out of the water.

Another good method is an in-line spinner or Mepp’s in the three-sixteenths- or one-eighth-ounce size. A small gold or silver spinner is attached to the lure, but gold is my favorite color. Use the lure on a light spin cast or spinning reel with 6- or 8-pound test line. Fan cast the lure from one location on the bank and use a slow to medium retrieve so the lure can sink down from 2 to 4 feet.

Use both these methods to double your chances. Cut a 24-inch branch from a tree with a fork on the end. After driving the branch into the ground about 12 inches, cast the rod with the hook and sinker out and set it in the fork. Use the rod with the artificial bait to cast all around the area while keeping an eye on the other rig. These methods are simple to accomplish and usually will give you all the action you can handle.

Not to mention, this is a great way to introduce a child to fishing or take your kids on a nice outing to the pond at Lamar-Dixon. The walkways are paved; there are nice clean restrooms and even a spot for a picnic lunch.

Enjoy yourselves.

Sports roundup

The first team All-District volleyball teams for Division I, District 3 was dominated by Ascension Parish teams for the 2014 season. Alli Duplechein, Kourtney Gremillion, Kara Gremillion and Maggie Duplechein, of St. Amant; Emily Venable and Claire Weinberger, of East Ascension; and Caroline Beeman, of Dutchtown, made up the first team.

Victoria Howell, of St. Amant; Jessie Watts, of East Ascension; Faith Jackson, of Denham Springs; Bailey Mohler and Samantha Berkholz, of Dutchtown; and Baylie Stears, of Walker, made up the second team.

Kara Gremillion, of the St. Amant Gators, was awarded the Most Valuable Player, while Kristen Thompson, of the Dutchtown Griffins, was awarded the Offensive Most Valuable Player. The Coach of the Year was awarded to Allison Leake, of St. Amant.

The Lady Gators made it to the quarterfinals of the state playoffs in 2014.

Lyle Johnson covers sports for The Ascension Advocate. He can be contacted at or