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Photo provided by Rae Broussard -- St. Amant High School student Cullen Mahaffey, left, and work supervisor Michael Dies, with the Ascension Parish School Board, accept Mahaffey's Outstanding GCE student of the year award at a recent banquet.

Cullen Mahaffey’s work ethic and positive attitude won the St. Amant High School student $300 and the school’s title of Outstanding GCE student of the year.

Mahaffey, who takes part in the school’s General Cooperative Education program, won the honor during an April Employer Appreciation Luncheon held at Mike Anderson’s Seafood, GCE Coordinator Rae D. Broussard said.

Broussard said the award is for someone who demonstrates outstanding work ethic and a positive attitude, takes initiative and acts respectfully and appropriately.

Broussard had sent out emails secretly asking GCE employers to nominate their employees for the award.

Brennen Buquoi and Cullen Mahaffey, were both nominated by their employers.

Buquoi’s employer, Bea McNamee, stated that his positive attitude and exceptional work ethic creates a great work environment. Mahaffey’s employer, Michael Dies, said “Cullen’s strong work ethic, positive attitude and willingness to learn put him at the top of his list of employees.”

General Cooperative Education is a program that aims to introduce students to the workforce by acting as a median between school and work.

Students who are part of the program are allowed to go to school for half a day every day and work at their respective jobs during the other half.

Mahaffey is employed by the Ascension Parish School Board’s technology department.

For more information, call Broussard at (985) 438-5555 or email