CLINTON — East Feliciana Police Jury members voted 6-1 Thursday night in favor of a new reapportionment plan they will submit to the U.S. Justice Department for approval.

Demographer Nancy Jensen, the jury’s remapping consultant, said the department has indicated it would expedite its review of East Feliciana’s Reapportionment Plan 3 by Nov. 30.

If the deadline is met, an East Feliciana’s Police Jury election could be held in conjunction with the rest of the state’s municipal primary elections on March 24.

The Justice Department last week rejected a redistricting plan submitted by the Police Jury, saying the plan reduced the black population in District 5, which includes the town of Clinton.

Larry Beauchamp, who is white, represents that district on the jury. Black voters form the majority in districts 2, 3, 7 and 5.

Richard Dudley cast the dissenting vote Thursday night, saying he did not like the boundaries of his district, 4A.

Jensen said a new plan had to be drawn because Dixon Correctional Institute inmates are no longer to be considered as residents of Dudley’s Police Jury district.

Jensen said that minus the prisoners, who do not vote in elections, Dudley was left representing a district populated by only 880 people.

Voting for the new plan were jurors Beauchamp, Hill, Louis Kent, Edward L. Brooks, Jason McCray and Dennis Aucoin.

Jurors John M. Barnett and Karl “Bubba” Chaney were absent.

Jensen said that, based on the 2010 U.S. census, the parish’s redrawn Police Jury districts need to have an ideal population of 2,077 each.

Dudley said he voted against the reapportionment plan because Villareal subdivision was divided between his district and Dwight Hill’s District 4-B.

Most jurors said they were not 100 percent happy with the changes, but went along with them to get Justice Department approval.