BAKER — Mayor Harold Rideau said Thursday he will be a candidate for re-election to a third term next year.

Although the municipal primary election is not until Feb. 11, Rideau said he wanted “to get the word out that I am running.”

Rideau added, “I’m always running into people who think I’m not running.”

During a news conference that also was attended by a roomful of his political backers, Rideau said his primary reason for seeking re-election is “to see that the city continues to be run with honesty, integrity and service.

“If you do what’s right and stay aboveboard, you’re not going to get caught,” Rideau said, referring to being approached by federal agents in the Cifer 5000 sting that has snared a number of public officials in the Baton Rouge area.

“I was approached, but I said, ‘No.’ I’ve also been approached before by people who want to do business under the table, but I’ve refused them,” he said.

Rideau said the support of the City Council has been crucial to the city’s accomplishments in the last seven years.

“I look forward to being re-elected and working with them again,” he said.

Council members Fred Russell, A.J. Walls and Carlon Simpson also said Wednesday they plan to seek re-election.

James “Scooter” Heine, former Mayor Leroy Davis and retired city employee Don Kyer also have been mentioned as candidates for mayor.

Heine, the son of former Mayor Pete Heine, said he is “about 95 percent certain” he will run.

“I’m still praying on it,” said Davis. “I haven’t made up my mind yet.”