CLINTON — The East Feliciana Parish Police Jury decided Tuesday to postpone making changes to a mobile-home ordinance because of conflicts with the parish’s zoning ordinance.

The proposed revisions to the mobile home ordinance allow two single-family residences on a single lot, said Michael Salmon, chairman of the parish Zoning Committee.

This change would clash with existing zoning law, Salmon said, which allows one single-family residence per single lot.

Jurors said they would get an opinion from the parish legal adviser so the ordinance could be brought up at the next meeting.

Other matters coming before the jury included:

ORDINANCE REVISIONS: The jury adopted revisions to its flood ordinance and subdivision ordinance.

Road manager Joe Rouchon said the changes to the flood ordinance track guidelines issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

One of the changes requires the bottom floor of a new building to be raised 2 feet above base flood elevation.

This requirement must be certified by a professional engineer, architect or land surveyor, Rouchon told jurors.

MITIGATION PLAN: The Police Jury agreed to approve a resolution upgrading its hazardous mitigation plan.

The improvements include:

• A $95,000 project to help regulate new development by requiring things such as proper drainage and underground utilities.

• A $50,000 project to develop a master drainage plan.

• A $5,000 project to increase public awareness and understanding of disaster preparedness.

BICYCLE ROUTE: Jurors put off a decision on a proposed resolution supporting a U.S. Bicycle System route running through the parish.

Jurors agreed with fellow Juror Richard Dudley, who criticized transient bikers for being rude to motorists and not bringing much commerce to the parish.