GREENSBURG — The St. Helena Parish Policy Jury has been notified that bids would be let in December on the last of 11 new parish bridges funded through the federal Highway Bridge Program.

Of the 11, all but two are completed, parish building inspector E. Scott Galmon said during Tuesday’s Police Jury meeting.

The Stone Road bridge replacement project is under construction and the last one on the list, the Hall Lindsey Road bridge, will be put out to bids in December, he said.

The $500,000 Hall Lindsey Road bridge will replace two small bridges about 100 yards apart. Galmon reported in January that property owners were unwilling to donate rights of way for the new construction.

Galmon said Tuesday, however, that all property owners in the vicinity of the bridge project have now agreed to donate land so the bridge can be built.

Construction on the bridge is expected to begin in late March, Galmon said.

Other business transacted by the jury included:

HOSPITAL COMPUTERS: The jury voted 5-0 vote to allow St. Helena Parish Hospital to borrow $700,000 to help computerize its patient record system. Juror Thomas Wicker was absent.

The hospital will provide personal computers to permit the medical staff to input patient information that would be available to doctors outside the hospital.

The computers also would allow staff to more quickly transfer patient records.

Hospital CEO and Administrator L.J. Pecot said outside the meeting he expects to have the system in place and operating by October 2012.